About Odyssey Connect

Prepare to discover the future by building it: join the knowledge exchange ahead of Odyssey Hackathon 2020.

Odyssey Connect is the place to explore the 20 challenges of the Odyssey Hackathon 2020. Here, the founders, developers, and innovators meet the challenge leads and their stakeholders and learn which potential problem can they solve with their team at the hackathon on April 3-5.

Which one of the 20 Odyssey challenges is for you? Which knowledge do you need to build a better solution?

Odyssey Connect is the 2-day knowledge exchange event where the teams can get to know everything about the challenges and the real problems behind them, which need to be solved. International experts will help you discover not just what to build but how to build it and why build it at all, offering insight into governance, tech, and legal aspects of the challenges and the required solutions.

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